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I Love Horses...
Well the weather has been pretty shat lately. I left a comment saying it's nice to have an indoor riding ring on a journal, and it's true. Yesterday I really had a niec ride with Nippet.

Today is work work until about 5pm and then I'm going to get Keith from work and we'll come here and chill.

Nothing really much to say right now. Had a lovely morning with Emilie...we'll be moving some thing into the new apartment maybe tomorrow, not sure.

I suppose I shall just get some breakfast and head off to work now.

Dunno what with the new audio in Windows Vista but it sounds like the bomb on these new speakers. kthnxbi

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Hi all,

This one is for Jess. She actually might the only person on LiveJournal to use the nudge feature. I remember reading about it awhile ago, but I thought no one would ever use it haha So thank you Jess for giving me the wack and telling me to update! So here it is...it's going to be a very lot of rambling and it could get to be long...

I've been very busy working at Small Dog and riding lately. I went out to this rather large consulting job. We had to move all the clients from one Xserve to another an setup Home directories and portable Home directories for them. It was a 3 day extravaganza. I learned so much durning that time and I actually applied that to my home Xserve and now everyone in my family and my girlfriend user the Xserve for logins. It's very very cool. If you're really interested in how that all works I can share my Google Notebook with you or something, you can also read about it on Apple.com.

I've really moved to keeping my stuff on the web, I am using Google Calendar a lot and Google Reader. I did sign up for the Google Spreadsheet beta so maybe I can get to play with that. Windows Vista Beta 2 has been officially released so I just downloaded and installed that today. For some weird reason it doesn't play nice with xBox Media Center, but thats okay because Media Center on Windows Vista is kickass.

I finally used my new bridle with nippet today and wow, I don't know if it was the new bridle or if we just had a really good day but today was excellent. I really had a good time with that.

Been working 40 hours a week at Small Dog which is nice. Been doing lots of consulting and working more in the store behind the tech counter too which is a nice change-up.

Tomorrow Emilie and I are going to see X-Men III and then Saturday I have the Small Dog party. So I'll be busy until at least next week. I really have no plans but each day things manage to get very busy.

We got a bonsai tree form Home Depot and it's super cute. I've got to get some pictures up cause I do have some from another time I never uploaded to Flickr.

I cannot stop listening to AFIs new CD, so many people are complaining about how crap it is, but who cares, screw em.

I'm getting closer to beating the New Super Mario Bros, I think I am on World 5 on the last castle. It's getting complicated haha But this game really kicks ass. I think the DS Lite comes out very soon.

I am going to be posting a little article about how much my MacBook kicks ass on the SDE blog sometime tommorrow. I found the command to restart the ARD service on client machines. I love Parallels, it's so wonderful!!

So umm yeah I'll try to be updating this more often...I'm just not near a computer for casual use...

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It's been very very nice weather lately, although maybe a little to hot for my taste. On Friday night we ended up going to Da Vinci Code since X-Men III was sold out. That's okay since Da Vince Code was quite good, although it had some lame scenes. Friday night, nothing really happened, Emilie and I got home around 1am and I think we just passed out.

Saturday I was at AADCo consulting pretty much the entire day. It was hot and bleh. The job went quite well, I think we only ran into 2-3 snags. But those were fixed and we'll be going back tomorrow (Tuesday) to finish things up. Saturday after that umm...nothing really, I think Emilie and I hung out...and didn't do to much...but we went to Berkey's BBQ/movie night which was pretty fun. Met some people, watch Da Vinci Code again haha. He got the projector from work and we set it all up in the back yard, lots of fun! Came home and just slept...

Sunday...we went into Waterbury so Emilie could give Tom (her landlord) her application for the apartment. He told us we'd gave to call the power ompany to get that turned on and all and he said we could get a key and start moving things in around the 8th which is nice. Then we got some Subway, yum. Came home and went riding. Emilie rode Nippet, which was fun, but he doesn't like no-one but Sara and I haha So when she was done, I went riding which was nice. Then we came home, messed around, had dinner...then we watched a movie and went to sleep...OH NO...we actually went outside and caught junebugs and fed them to Bruce Lee...BOY DID HE LOVE THAT! HUGE FRESH JUICEY BUGS!!!! YUMMMMAY!!!!

Today...I went out consulting. Hopefully I get paid double since today was a holiday. Came home and got lunch and worked on server things. Emilie went to the bookstore and I continued working and then I just went riding. It was nice and peaceful. VERY HOT though haha I did have fun though, just came home 5 minutes ago. Emilie is still out and I am going to work on a couple computer things.

I cleared world 1 in The New Super Mario Bros. That game is so much fun haha I really have 100% cleared world 1 since i am missing some super coins, but I'll get to it eventually.

Well that's about all for now...maybe I'll upload some pics later, or find the ones Duane posted to LameSpace... :)

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Wow, been way to busy to be updating anything. Actually I've barely used the computer since my last update. I got my hands on the Beta 2 of Windows Vista (posting this entry from it right now) and I am highly impressed. All my drivers had been installed except audio, but a quick download from NVIDIAs website fixed that. I didn't even have to reboot after installing them. The sidebar is very very nice and glass works quite nicely.

I noticed in my previous post that I said I would be using my MacBook...I didn't even have a MacBook at the time of posting that entry! Silly, because I think the next day I got a MacBook. It's SUPER nice, but it really gets hot. I've installed Parallels on it and mixed with a Ubuntu and Windows XP Pro SP2 install and Virtue...it's AMAZING. Check this post out. Watch the video which is linked to in that post. That's the type of setup I have going. I also installed Windows Vista on Emilie's DuLL, no Aero effects which kinda sucks, but oh well.

Been out consulting and hanging out with people. Saw Nippet today. Emilie, Keith and I are going to see X-Men III in a couple minutes. Tomorrow night is a partay at Berkeys! Also been playing Super Mario Bros. I have so many emails I haven't read, it sucks. I have consulting tomorrow, poo, but good money.

I can't stop listening to this AFI CD.

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Wow, it's been raining for a really long time. To long I think! Oh well...

Emilie and I made a nice breakfast this morning. I'm really starting to get used to that, really nice it is! Then I was off to work by 9am. I dropped off 3-4 of my computer that I don't use anymore. All iMac G3s, don't worry SDE. The people who brought them in already paid the recycling fee ;)

Worked on TechTails and media stuff for really most of the morning. Went out and got Duane, Berkey and myself some lunch.

Is it just me or is it near-impossible to make a copy of a CD in OS X without using something like Toast. Lame.

Then I got called up to do consulting since one of the people who I did consulting for in the previous weeks was having some issues. Quickly came home and changed into something a little nicer then what I was wearing.

Consulting itself was rather easy and I was in and out quickly. I wouldn't mind getting myself a PDA or a UMPC soon...or maybe the new MacBook in black! We finally got some of them in, actually we got them really fast, I thought it would have taken a month or more before I'd see one. But WOW, they are SO SO SEXY! I think I actually like the new glossy display. It looks really good, and the color are really vibrant and ALIVE!

I am quite impressed with the podcast, MacBreak with Leo Laporte. it's really good and quite professional. I'll continue watching it.

I am now using my MacBook for everything really and I'll use my PowerBook for consulting and work only and my PowerMac for media and digital things and the Xserve to uuuh obviously SERVER things haha

Emilie and I planted the bonsai seeds today. Now we just need to wait for it to grow and stuff. Very fun! JESS' CHICKEN POOPED AN EGG!!! Hahaha

I cannot stop listening to the new AFI or Taking Back Sunday. I was attempting to install Ubuntu on my iBook but it doesn't seem to work with a Airport card. Poo. Emilie and I are both playing the New Super Mario Bros. It sure is a great game. I've compiled a list of games that I need to buy. I'll have to make it private so anyone can see it. Now I am off to install a couple Google extensions into my FireFox!

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I forgot to mention how friggin good the new AFI album, Decemberunderground is and Thursday's new album along with Taking Back Sunday's new CD. All very good stuff. TBS sort of has this ska sound in a couple of their songs, and AFI seems to be a bit more grungier/hardcore. Thursday is okay, newish sound, new stuff, good. Yay.

Emilie and I played some Mario Party again, but we lost :( Watched Lords of Dogtown. I went and hung out with Nippet. We had fun, used some Cowboy Magic and wow does that stuff really work. I gave his tail a little trim and I have to say cutting off about 2 inches really made it look a lot better. It doesn't look so eh, crappy messy.

Em is playing the New Super Mario Bros right now...I am getting loads of new podscasts. I am downloading like 50+ episodes from MacBreak, Diggnation, Engadget, Open Source Sex and many more!!!

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Everything is going good. Tomorrow our bonzai tree seeds will be ready and then we can plant them. Wednesday, I had consulting, although Berkey forgot to let me know what I was supposed to bring so I showed up at someone's really nice house with nothing in hand. But I did do a little work while I was there and wrote down everything I needed to bring. Nothing much happened at night. Emilie kicked my ass in Mario Party 7. So much for her saying she was no good at video games, LIES! Ummm probably watched a movie after that.

Thursday, I was back up at the house in Charlotte again. It's really nice, got some big paddocks and a really nice barn. Some really pretty horses too. So I got about everything done that needed to be done. Everything went quite well. It took all of about 4 hours or so. Bu wih all the driving and everything it was about a 9 hour job or so. Love how Small Dog only paid me for 5 of it...jeeez. Oh well, next week I'll get the other 4 hours. Came home and watched movies or something with Emilie. We went to see Nippet to and we got some pictures!!

Jimmy and Nippet

Thursday PicsCollapse )

So actually he's still kinda shedding. I thought he would be done but here's still a bunch of Nippet hairs coming off hehe

So then it proceeded to continue raining and it was actually a thunderstorm, BOOM BOOM! The power actually went out at one point, but only for a couple seconds. Thursday was also the nigh that CSI had it's season finale!! It was a pretty good one although nothing like last years. Still quite good though!!

Friday, hrmmm....didn't go to work..cause they give me a headache too much. Instead...I think I played Kingdom Hearts II and did emails for things at Small Dog, so I sorta did work and relaxed a little. Nothing too much interesting happened that I can remember.

Saturday, before I start I have to say Emilie got the job at the TD Banknorth which is EXCELLENT!!! I knew she would!! She's elite.

So Saturday...we hung out for a little, played some Kingdom Hearts II and I go myself to the last part of the game. Then we went up to Burlington and went to Victoria Secrets, umm EB Games, and they were sold out of The NEW Super Mario Bros. So instead I just went to FYE and they had plenty of copies. I really wanted to get an xBox 360 but not until a little bit later. Maybe in mid-late summer I will get one. So I got the game and we got a double-cheeseburger. Then we left and went to Hannafords and got some dinner for that night. Then we went to PetsMart and got some stuff for the lizard.

Came home and made dinner. Watched a movie. I beat Kingdom Hearts II and it WAS SO GOOD! Can't wait for Kingdom Hearts III!!!

Today it's crappy out again, it's been raining for 2 weeks now :( Oh well. So I guess we'll watch movies or play some games.

I've already got to the first dungeon in New Super Mario Bros. It's a lot of classic/new fun, GREAT GAME!! I also love the "sleep" mode", very very cool!

Jimmy and Nippet


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Wow, what a day. Finally Emilie and I got up at the right time today and I was at work aorund 9:10am. She had made up some breakfast this morning while I was in the shower. She's really the greatest!! Yummy breakfast.

Then I worked for a couple hours, and during those hours I was SO BUSY! Today the Apple MacBook came out which is Apple new laptop that is going/already has (to) replace the Apple iBook G4.

You can read all about that right here. It's VERY VERY COOL. I am going to buying the black model as soon as I can scrap together some funds or when we get a demo/used unit in. It's so slick. So I was working with that a lot this morning along with a new present from Google called, Google Notebook. A brief intro to this new weblication.

* Clip useful information.
You can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages to your Google Notebook without ever leaving your browser window.

* Organize your notes.
You can create multiple notebooks, divide them into sections, and drag-and-drop your notes to stay organized.

* Get access from anywhere.
You can access your Google Notebooks from any computer by using your Google Accounts login.

* Publish your notebook.
You can share your Google Notebook with the world by making it public.

So it's really really cool and free for anyone with a Google account. I've already made a couple notebooks!!

Not only that but Apple has also updated their MacBook Pro line with faster processors. WAY TO GO APPLE AND GOOGLE!!!

I am semi-searching for new jobs, one with a company everyone knows and loves and another for a blog lots of people know and love. But I can't let it all out right now.

I made up a new word today. Weblication. It means web applications. Things like Writely, Google Calendar, YouTube, Flickr all fit in there. It just needs to be an application, not like an informative website, more like a program that any user can access over the web, just like the ones I've listed!!

Work was good...lots of emailing people. I just realized I don't have directions for tomorrows consulting job.

Tacos for dinner.

Emilie and I put our bonzai seeds in the wet paper towel and thats in the fridge right now. For 6 more days haha It's coming along!!

I started playing Xenosaga again, in an effort to finish it lol. I am only on Mission II though and I saw at least 14. Wonderful.

Emilie and I are playing Mario Party 7 right now. It's really a lot of fun!! I don't think I've ever played a Mario Party game that isn't fun.

Oookay well, back to gaming, drooling over the new MacBook and playing with Google Notebook!!

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Sunday consisted of fun I believe. Emilie came and woke me up I think...and we hung out for a little. Then I showered and made new disguise. I shaved and left a mustache and a goatee or something, I am so hott haha No PIX!

Then we left and went up to Burlington and to the mall. Went right to the video game store and we were in there for about 10 minutes and the guy said they were closed. So we quickly picked out some video games and left. I got StarFox Adventures, Mario Party 7 and Super Mario Sunshine. It was cheap since they were all used, all for Gamecube!!

Then we went to see United 93 with Em. It was pretty good. I forgot to bring my glasses so I couldn't really see anything but a blur...but there's audio HAHAHAH God I suck. Then we went out to dinner which was nice and fun. Came home and had fun. Then we went to sleep and she woke me up today around 7am. I wanted to get up around 8am...so I could get to work early...didn't work cause we both fell asleep and woke up around 9am.

So I had breakfast and went into work. Worked on Xserves for a couple hours. Then I went out consulting in St. George. It was a lot of fun and a good job. I got a 15" LCD and some WICKED nice Altec Lansing 5.1 THX/digital speakers which are WOW!!!

Nothing really happened tonight...just chillen, maybe going to play Mario Party with Emilie in a little.

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Ahhh finally some photos of Domo-Kun! BEST EVER!! I wanted to get the one dressed up as a ninja but Emilie say not right now :( Or ever?? AHHHH!!! Hahaha Watched Batman Begins last night, good stuff. I think today we'll see more and more like Bewitched and umm whatever other movies I have that begin with the letter "B"...we're watching every movie on my hard drives lol...only like 10 billion lol I got Syrinia (SP?), V For Vendetta and another one I can't think of right now.

I used the ole' BBQ today even though it was raining. I might go riding in a minute but maybe not since it is raining. I've gotten 3 of 4 grades right now:

Website Design & Management - A+
Psychology of Dreams - A
Intermediate Linux - B+

Just need one more! So how about some PICS?!?!?

Domo-Kun & Headcrab


Yeah so that's about all that for that :P I am not really sure what else is going on today, nothing that I really know of.

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